[Comp-neuro] FMRI Data Analyst Job Announcement

Hannes Ruge ruge at psychologie.tu-dresden.de
Mon Jul 9 20:23:05 CEST 2012

Within the newly established Collaborative Research Center 
(„Sonderforschungsbereich“ SFB 940) „Volition and Cognitive Control“ the 
Neuroimaging Center at the Department of Psychology in the Faculty of 
Mathematics und Natural Sciences seeks to appoint a

Data Analyst/ Research Scientist, Ph.D. (salary E13 TV-L, 100%)

with a strong background in advanced neuroimaging methods (especially 
functional connectivity)

The position is initially limited for 4 years.

Tasks: The Collaborative Research Centre (CRC) “Volition and Cognitive 
comprises 20 sub-projects and is funded by the German Science Foundation 
(DFG) for an initial period of four years with a budget of over 10 Mill. 
€. The overarching aim of the CRC is to combine expertise from 
experimental psychology, cognitive-affective neuroscience, clinical 
psychology, and psychiatry to investigate cognitive and neural 
mechanisms of volitional control as well as volitional dysfunctions in 
selected mental disorders. As a central component of SFB 940 a „Core 
Imaging Facility” (CIF) will be established which serves to support and 
inspire fMRI-based projects within the SFB 940. As part of the CIF team, 
we seek to appoint a specialist for the analysis of large-scale 
functional brain networks. This position is expected to be involved in a 
wide range of co-operations related to both implementing established 
functional connectivity methods as well as developing novel analytic 
methods. The Department of Psychology houses a neuroimaging center with 
a 3T Siemens Trio scanner exclusively dedicated to research. Besides an 
engagement in research projects we also expect the candidate to take an 
active role in training Ph.D. students on fMRI methods. Language for 
daily research communication will be English.

Profile: We seek to appoint a person with a strong background in 
computational neuroscience with profound mathematical knowledge who is 
highly experienced and skilled in the multivariate analysis of 
large-scale functional brain connectivity with in-depth expertise 
ideally in more than one analytical technique applied to fMRI data (DCM, 
ICA, SEM, GA, etc.).

For further information please contact the project leader Dr. Hannes 
Ruge (phone: +49-351-463-33824, email: ruge at psychologie.tu-dresden.de) 
or for general information regarding SFB 940 the SFB spokesman Prof. Dr. 
Thomas Goschke (phone 0351-46334695; email: 
goschke at psychologie.tu-dresden.de). Applications from women are 
especially welcomed, same holds for persons with disabilities. Please 
provide your application, including CV, summary of previous research 
activities, and two letters of recommendation until July, 31st 2012 via 
email (ruge at psychologie.tu-dresden.de) or via mail to: TU Dresden, 
Fakultät Mathematik und Naturwissenschaften, Fachrichtung Psychologie, 
Professur für Allgemeine Psychologie, Herrn Dr. Ruge, 01062 Dresden.

Dr. Hannes Ruge
Technische Universität Dresden
Institut für Allgemeine Psychologie, Biopsychologie und Methoden der Psychologie
Professur für Allgemeine Psychologie
01062 Dresden
Tel.: +49 (0) 351 4633 3824
Fax:  +49 (0) 351 4633 3522
homepage: psychologie.tu-dresden.de/ruge

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