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Mon Jul 2 14:06:56 CEST 2012

Postdoctoral Fellowship in neural engineering at CEA Grenoble, France.

Post-doctoral and PhD positions are available to join the group of Dr. Tetiana Aksenova in CLINATEC (CEA/LETI/CLINATEC) at the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission in Grenoble (http://www-leti.cea.fr/fr/Decouvrez-le-Leti/Les-plateformes-d-innovation2/Clinatec).
CLINATEC, a dynamic non-profit scientific research organization, is seeking talented researchers to contribute to the Brain Computer Interface (BCI) project. Integrated to the signal processing team the scientist will collaborate with researchers of Clinatec whose expertise spans mathematics, computer science, microelectronics, and neuroscience with the goal of performing functional BCI system with multiple degrees of freedom.
Develop signal processing strategies, algorithms, software procedures and deploy computational tools for knowledge extraction, offline and online real time neuronal signal processing.
Relevant backgrounds in computer science and applied mathematics: applied statistics, signal processing, adaptive modeling, machine learning and fast calculations for real time applications. The ideal candidate will have a Doctoral/Master degree, or equivalent, in a relevant discipline (Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics) with an emphasis on computational approaches to the neuronal systems analyses. Programming in Matlab and C/C++ will be part of the project.
Candidates with the experience in ECoG/MEG/EEG  data analysis will be preferred.
A contract of 24 months will be offered to the successful candidates.
Salary is competitive and depends on the applicant's qualifications and experience. It includes a full social security and health coverage.
To apply, please send a cover letter, names of two references and a CV to Dr. Tetiana Aksenova (tetiana.aksenova at cea.fr<mailto:tetiana.aksenova at cea.fr>), Corinne Mestais (corinne.mestais at cea.fr<mailto:corinne.mestais at cea.fr>).

Dr. Tetiana Aksenova,
Chair RTRA
MINATEC Campus, 17 rue des Martyrs
38054 GRENOBLE Cedex 9
Tel : +33 4 38 78 03 20
Fax : +33 4 38 78 54 56
Email : tetiana.aksenova at cea.fr<mailto:tetiana.aksenova at cea.fr>

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