[Comp-neuro] Congress to commemorate 60 years of the Hodgkin / Huxley model of the action potential

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Trinity College, Cambridge, UK, July 12 - 13, 2012

In celebration of the 60th anniversary of the publication of the Hodgkin-Huxley model of the action potential.

URL:  http://www.cnsorg.org/hodgkin-huxley60

This congress is being organized to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the original publication of the Hodgkin and Huxley model of the generation of the action potential by the squid giant axon. This publication and the mathematical model it describes is at the core of our modern understanding of how the action potential is generated, and has had profound effects on many fields of biological science and in particular on computational studies of neuronal function. The congress will be held at Trinity College, Cambridge which is the home academic institution for the original research and will include several commemorative talks and presentations.

The meeting organizers are now soliciting proposals for 30 minute contributed oral presentations on topics related to the Hodgkin / Huxley model and its impact.  The deadline for submitting proposals is Feb. 15, 2012.  Those accepted to present talks will have registration and housing fees waved.  Proposals for talks should be sent to Simon O'Connor <simon.oconnor at btinternet.com>, in the form of a title, a single paragraph description of the talk (500 words), and recent relevant papers by the author.  

The meeting will also include an open poster session for any participant who would like to present their work.  There are travel funds available for students making poster presentations .

In addition, travel grants are available for members of the OCNS.

Those interested in either being on the meeting mailing list, or in early registration should also contact Simon O'Connor <simon.oconnor at btinternet.com>.

Housing as well as meals will be provided at Trinity College and therefore the overall size of the meeting is limited.  

Meeting registration is therefore on a first come first served basis.  

While potential speakers are encouraged to recommend additional topics, the initial list of possible topics include:

Historical Overview and Context
Experimental Evidence Today
The Action Potential Today and Energetics 
Molecular Dynamics of Ion Channels
Variations in K and Na Channels
Ion Channel Classifications
Evolutionary Considerations 
The Squid Axon in Context
Ion Channel Evolution
Computational Applications of the Hodgkin Huxley Model
Synaptic Transmission 
Non-Neural Tissues
Implementations in Modern Simulators 
Variations in the HH formulation
HH dynamics
Parameter Fitting
Adaptations to Other Ion Channels
Reduced Forms
Implications for Multi-scale Modeling
The Limitations of HH

     Principle organizers:

          James M. Bower (University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio)
          Idan Segev (Hebrew University)
          Michael Häusser (University College London)
          Simon O'Connor (Local Organizer)

Supported by OCNS, The Physiological Society, and The Welcome Trust


Dr. James M. Bower Ph.D.
Professor of Computational Neurobiology

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Phone:  210 382 0553
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