[Comp-neuro] Computational Cognitive Neuroscience Free Wiki Textbook Now Available

Randall O'Reilly randy.oreilly at Colorado.EDU
Mon Jan 9 10:08:51 CET 2012

The effective 2nd Edition to "Computational Explorations in Cognitive Neuroscience" (O'Reilly & Munakata, 2000) is now available as a free wiki textbook.  It has been completely rewritten to avoid any copyright issues, and is now much more succinct and clearer, along with having several important technical advances.


You can also order it as a hard-copy book, printed by PediaPress (see link at top of above page).

As before, a major component of the book is the computational exploration of a wide range of cognitive neuroscience phenomena, which enable hands-on learning of the textbook material.  These are implemented in emergent, which is now at version 5.3.0 and has many important new features: http://grey.colorado.edu/emergent

Contributions are welcome, and content will expand over time, especially in sub-topics, to provide considerable depth to the introductory material that is now in place.

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