[Comp-neuro] New Open Scholarpedia (Encyclopedia of Computational Neuroscience)

Eugene Izhikevich Eugene.Izhikevich at braincorporation.com
Tue Jan 3 20:01:26 CET 2012

The project to create a scholarly and authoritative Encyclopedia of
Computational Neuroscience continues to grow. The past year has
brought about the most significant changes to how Scholarpedia
operates since it was created in 2006: Scholarpedia has been
completely rebuilt from the ground up. The changes are designed to
provide a means for junior authors to initiate new articles by teaming
up with world experts, and to give curators greater incentives to
maintain their articles.

Any user can nominate himself to write an article on any topic of his
expertise. However, the user must obtain "sponsorship" from at least 2
existing Scholarpedia curators who would validate that the user is
indeed the top world expert on the topic. (The number of required
"sponsorships" is set to 1 temporarily).

The new mechanism allows students and postdocs to pair-up with the
greatest living experts to get sponsorship and co-author articles.

Whereas the student's reward is an extra peer-review article with a
famous person, the community benefits from having more topics covered
by leading experts.

More details are at http://www.scholarpedia.org/article/Scholarpedia

Dr. Eugene M. Izhikevich - Editor-in-chief of Scholarpedia.

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