[Comp-neuro] Three Tenure-Track Positions for Engineers at Biocruces, Bilbao (Spain)

Jesus Cortes jesus.m.cortes at gmail.com
Fri Feb 24 16:01:10 CET 2012

Subject: Three Tenure-Track Positions for Engineers   at  Biocruces,
Bilbao (Spain)

The new Research Institute called "Biocruces" is at this moment being
created and  will be associated to the Cruces Hospital in Bilbao,
North Spain. The Biocruces Institute  will be physically located  near
the Cruces Hospital in Barakaldo,  the biggest Hospital in the Basque
Country. The Biocruces Institute, now in construction,  will finally
have an extension of more than 12000 square meters distributed in
different areas and labs, allocating  to more than 450 researchers
structured in about   70 different research groups. The structure of
Biocruces will be the following:

1) Six Fundamental areas: F1). Cancer, F2) Metabolism, Nutrition and
Endocrinology,  F3) Neurosciences,  F4) Mother-Child Health and
Assisted Reproductive Tech,  F5)  Chronic Inflammation and Infectious
Diseases  and  F6) Surgery and Biotech.

2) Six  Translational areas: T1) Systems Biomedicine, T2) High-Tech
Biomedicine  (Nanotech and Cancer, and Nanosurgery), T3) Advanced
Therapy,  Pharmacology Research and Devices,   T4) Clinical
Epidemiology, T5) Research for Primary Health Care and T6) Telematics
and Biomedicine

This structure  and organization make the new Biocruces Institute  to
be an excellent and unique Institution, not only focused on healthcare
but  for  basic research, to explore and exploit the   excellent
synergies of working with multiple groups making possible to perform
an excellent, cross-talk,  multidisciplinary  research.

The three positions offered in this ad will be associated to the new
created Quantitative Biomedicine Unit at Biocruces. The Director of
the Unit will be the Prof. Luis Vega, an authority in Mathematics and
a  researcher in the ISIHighlyCited list, in the category of
Mathematics. The aim and main purpose of this Unit will be to give
scientific support to clinicians in the Hospital, covering topics such
as: data analysis, data visualization, modeling, data quantification,
etc. So this unit will develop interdisciplinary research at the
frontier between  biomedicine,  quantitative sciences and engineering.
More concrete, we are offering three positions. Details are the

Commonalities for the three positions:
C1.The three positions are in principle for 5 years, with possibility
of tenure after an evaluation at the 4th year.
C2. There is not any startup funding for any of the positions, so
researchers are encouraged to apply for their own research funding.
C3. None of the positions have teaching duties so they have
full-dedication for research.
C4. Researchers will work interdependently so highly motivated
individuals must apply.
C5. Applicants have to have at least 2 years of postdoctoral
experience before applying.
C6. We are offering a competitive salary, negotiable according to
experience and individual merits.
C7. Language used at work is English.
C8. Deadline to apply is March 15th, 2012.
C9. A possible date to start the position is   about October 1st,
2012, or later on, but not  before this date.

Position 1. Data Manager:
Experience in machine learning methods for the analysis of   large
data sets, applying techniques such as  data mining, cloud and grid
computing, visualization, clustering algorithms, classification
methods,    design and implementation in software engineering
including R, Matlab, C++. Must have real experience with biomedical

Position 2. Time series Analyst:
Experience in machine learning methods for time series analysis,
applying techniques such as   neural networks, classification,
forecasting and  diagnosis,    visualization,    design and
implementation in software engineering  including R, Matlab, C++. Must
have real experience with biomedical data.

Position 3. ICT Engineer.
Experience in TCP/IP  and other network  protocols. Experience in
drivers development (among others  have worked with    UART, Ethernet,
flash, USB, I2C, SPI, SD). Experience in RTOS and RedBoot Services.
Experience in the C++ and Java.

Interested in applying, send before March 15th  by email the next docs
to Jesus Cortes (jesus.m.cortes at gmail.com)
1) A cover letter, indicating what position you are applying for and why.
2) Best 5 publications (each one separated in pdf).
3) An updated CV
4) Two recommendation letters.

Yours Sincerely

Jesus M Cortes
Scientific Coordinator of the Quantitative Biomedicine Unit at
Biocruces Institute.

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