[Comp-neuro] Summer school in computational neuroscience, Saint Petersburg, Russia, June 4 – June 17, 2012

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*Summer school and seminars in computational neuroscience:  “White 
Nights of Computational Neuroscience: neurotheory from cell to cognition 
to be held in

*Saint Petersburg, Russia, June 4 – June 17, 2012*


The school in the format of one-lecturer-per-day will be take place in 
Academic University and Saint Petersburg State University.  Lectures 
cover a wide range of topics in computational neuroscience and be 
supported by a series of informal seminars as well as satellite symposia.

*Invited lectures:*

Roman Brette (ENS, Paris)
Alain Destexhe  (CNRS, France)
Lyle Graham (Descartes University, Paris)
Boris Gutkin (ENS, Paris)
Vincent Hakim (ENS, Paris)
Risto Ilmoniemi (Aalto University, Finland)
Staffan Johansson (University of Umea, Sweden)
Etienne Koechlin (ENS, Paris)
Mate Lengyel (Cambridge University)
Christian Machens (ENS, Paris)
Gianluigi Mongillo (Descartes University, Paris)
Misha Tsodyks  (Weizmann Institute, Rehovot)
Carl Van Vreeswijk (Descartes University, Paris)


Boris Gutkin (ENS, Paris), Anton Chizhov (Ioffe Physical Technical 
Institute, St-Petersburg), Anna Shestakova (Saint Petersburg State 
University),  Michael Dubina (Saint Petersburg Academic University) as 
well as the advisory board of the European Tempus project “Postgraduate 
Training Network in Biotechnology of Neurosciences (BioN)”. *

*Target Audience:*

Applications from PhD and MSc students, and students in their final year 
are accepted till*April 13, 2012*. Places are limited. Please, send CV 
and motivation letter to the school coordinator Elena Smirnova 
elena.smirnova at mail.ioffe.ru

The travel and living expenses support will be provided only for the 
participants from the BioN project (www.neurobiotech.ru 

More information is available on the webpage 

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