[Comp-neuro] Brian twister: results

Romain Brette romain.brette at ens.fr
Tue Feb 14 11:35:43 CET 2012

** Results of the Brian twister **

The "Brian twister" is a competition to win a Brian mug, by writing an 
example script for the Brian simulator (http://briansimulator.org).
We would like to thank everyone who has contributed. It was a difficult 
choice! There are actually two winners, with the same number of votes:
* Friedemann Zenke, for an example of inhibitory STDP, illustrating 
Vogels et al. (Science, 2011).
* Pierre Yger, for a network that spells Brian with spikes (!)

Congratulations to our two winners, each of them will receive a Brian 
mug. All the contributed examples will be included in the next Brian 

I am taking this opportunity to inform Brian users that they can 
download a beta version of Brian 1.4:
This release includes the new Synapses class, which is now in 
brian.experimental.synapses. Don't forget to download "extras" zip file, 
which contains examples (in the synapses folder). This class brings lots 
of new possibilities: nonlinear synapses (NMDA), gap junctions, 
arbitrary STDP rules, event-driven updates, probabilistic synapses. 
Please let us know if you find any bug!

Best wishes,
Romain Brette
romain.brette at ens.fr

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