[Comp-neuro] Two Positions for Young Postdocs, Computational NeuroImaging

Jesus Cortes jesus.m.cortes at gmail.com
Thu Feb 9 12:51:01 CET 2012

We are offering two positions for Young Postdocs. Duration of the
positions is 6 months.
We are covering 1700EUR per month for allowances (so no contract) plus
travelling costs.
Due to the short duration of the positions, ideal candidates are young
postdocs, who recently  defended  their PhD Thesis, and that, at this
moment they are preparing applications for a first  postdoc. So, using
any of these 6 months position, applicants achieve a nice transition
between finishing the PhD and finding a new position.
Interesting to know, Granada University is managing  single bed
apartments for visitors with independent kitchen and bathroom. They
are well located in city center and price is about 700EUR per month.

We are located at University of Granada, at the Department of Computer
Science and Artificial Intelligence.
Granada University, South Spain, is a leading University in Spain.

Position 1. Similarity in Causal Graphs from EEG data.
Causal Graphs have to be obtained from EEG high-density data (128
electrodes). Data were collected by Eduardo Madrid in the Cognitive
Neuroscience Lab in Granada University. We have developed efficient
code to compute Causal Graphs from EEG data, based on the measure of
Transfer Entropy. The aim of this position is to apply this code to
different data sets employing different cognitive tasks. After
obtaining different graphs, belonging to same-subject and
inter-subjects, we need new methods to quantify the similarities
between the different sets of graphs.
Requirements to apply: Experience in Matlab and C programming.
Knowledge in graphs.  Not necessary but advisable knowledge in the
processing of EEG data.

Position 2. Degradation noise effects in the Bayesian Localization of
the EEG Sources
This position will be co-supervised in collaboration with Prof. Rafael
Molina at the  Department of Computer Science and Artificial
Intelligence in Granada University. We want to explore how different
assumptions in the nature of the degradation noise affect the Bayesian
localization of the EEG sources.
Requirements to apply: Experience in Bayesian Inference in Signal
Processing. Experience in Matlab.

How to apply:
Applicants must send by email to Jesus Cortes
(jesus.m.cortes at gmail.com) the next 2 docs:
1) one single page CV  including: Name, Insitution, PhD Supervisor and
 best publications (no more than 5).
2) A pdf copy of the PhD Dissertation.

Last day to receive applications will be Feb 25th, 2012. 5.00pm CET.
Selected candidates will be able to start the position  about Middle
of March 2012.

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