[Comp-neuro] Neural Dynamics and Coding Symposium, March 20 UT San Antonio

Todd Troyer todd.troyer at utsa.edu
Tue Feb 7 23:37:02 CET 2012

The Neurosciences Institute at UT San Antonio is hosting a free one day
symposium on Neural Dynamics and Coding on March 20, 2012:

Todd Troyer, UT San Antonio
   Stochastic Dynamics of One Dimensional Model Neurons.
Uri Eden, Boston U 
   Characterizing neural spiking dynamics using point process adaptive
Adrienne Fairhall, U Washington
   From Neuronal Biophysics to Adaptive Coding
Eric Shea-Brown,  U Washington
   Cooperative Dynamics in Neural Circuits
Eugene Izhikevich, Brain Corporation, San Diego
   Large-Scale Modeling of the Brain

Please see http://neuroscience.utsa.edu/Symposium_2012.html for detailed
info and flyer download.

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