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Dear all,

Inquiries and applications are invited from highly productive, creative and ambitious young scientists for positions of Post Doctoral Fellows and Research Scientists in the recently launched SINAPSE Institute (http://sinapse.hostthebestfree.com) a research Institute devoted to research on cognitive and brain sciences, neurotechnologies, and translational research   at the National University of Singapore under the direction of Prof. Nitish Thakor (www.jhu.edu/nthakor).  
The  Cognitive Neuroengineering  Lab of the SINAPSE  Institute, under the direction of Dr. Anastasios Bezerianos, is interested  in recruiting at least three talented, skilled  and highly motivated Post Docs to work under a common program  in the area of Cognitive Neuroscience with Applications.
The main objectives of the laboratory research are but not limited to:
1.    Multisensorial and integrated experimental and computational study of high level brain functioning (understanding, decision making, processing errors, and enhancing cognitive performance etc) with simultaneous brain signal and imaging techniques.
2.    Building  autonomous system of Brain Machine Interfacing or as well as various neuromodulation techniques (electrical, magnetic, optical). for augmentation and/or  rehabilitation of  brain functioning.
3.    Development of  complete solutions, from laboratory to human and clinical use and eventual commercialization of innovative Neurotechnologies. 
The new researchers will focus on big problems of current cognitive neuroengeering like (1) increase of spatiotemporal resolution of dynamic brain networks (2) overcome of low information rate between machine and brain, (3) improvement  of durability and long term out of  lab operation of brain assistive devices, (4) penetration of  cognitive engineering in neuromarket  and other emerging  fields 
Candidates  with a PhD degree in neurosciences or neuroengineering and  skills in mathematical modelling of brain functioning,  biomedical signal and image processing, and advanced brain mapping techniques  are welcome to apply. Critical point for the selection will be their proposed future research work in SiNAPSE.
The researchers will have access to impressive financial and physical resources, including noninvasive human and small animal experimental facilities, laboratory instrumentation, computing and imaging resources, and additional project-specific discretionary funding. SINAPSE will provide excellent work conditions (an environment about 20 collaborative PIs and more than 100 researchers in steady state).  The salaries will be internationally competitive and commensurate with experience, and health insurance coverage as well as travel to international conferences will be included.  Interested researchers and fellows should contact as soon as possible Dr. Anastasios Bezerianos (anastasios.bezerianos at gmail.com) and/or Dr. Nitish Thakor (nitish at jhu.edu), sending a CV with two external references and a letter of accomplishments, motivation and career goals.

Best regards

Tassos Bezerianos 
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