[Comp-neuro] post-doc position available: using computational neuroscience tools in developmental, regenerative biology

Levin, Michael Michael.Levin at tufts.edu
Mon Dec 10 15:38:01 CET 2012

	I am trying to hire a post-doc trained in computational neuroscience. My
lab ( http://www.drmichaellevin.org/ ) works on the role of biophysical
signals (electrical communication among non-neural cells) in determining
pattern in embryogenesis, regeneration, and cancer suppression. We have a
position available for a person trained in state of the art methods of
computation and modeling of information processing in the CNS, to work on
a highly interdisciplinary project: using the techniques and paradigms of
computational neuroscience to model non-neural cells as primitive
cognitive agents that make decisions about cell activity during anatomical
patterning.  We will be making and testing models of ion channel activity
in  somatic cells underlying memory and decision-making in slow
bioelectrical networks.  We are looking not so much for people who work on
molecular genetics of neurons, but people who understand the basics of
modeling and information processing in neural nets (ion channels, memory,
non-synaptic plasticity, etc.) and want to try to extend these techniques
to open problems in developmental and regenerative biology. Applications
will extend to regenerative medicine and synthetic bioengineering.  If you
are interested, please contact me at michael.levin at tufts.edu

Dr. Michael Levin
Vannevar Bush Professor,
Biology Department, and
Tufts Center for Regenerative and Developmental Biology
Tufts University
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email: michael.levin at tufts.edu

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