[Comp-neuro] Mindboggle-101 manually labeled brain data now available!

Arno Klein arno at binarybottle.com
Wed Dec 5 09:10:15 CET 2012

We are happy to announce the release of the Mindboggle-101 dataset, the
largest and most complete set of free, publicly accessible, manually
labeled human brain images in the world:  http://mindboggle.info/data/

An article describing the data and labeling protocol has just been

An excerpt of the abstract reads:
"To manually label the macroscopic anatomy in magnetic resonance images of
101 healthy participants, we created a new cortical labeling protocol that
relies on robust anatomical landmarks and minimal manual edits after
initialization with automated labels. The “Desikan–Killiany–Tourville”
(DKT) protocol is intended to improve the ease, consistency, and accuracy
of labeling human cortical areas. Given how difficult it is to label
brains, the Mindboggle-101 dataset is intended to serve as brain atlases
for use in labeling other brains, as a normative dataset to establish
morphometric variation in a healthy population for comparison against
clinical populations, and contribute to the development, training, testing,
and evaluation of automated registration and labeling algorithms..."


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