[Comp-neuro] IGERT training opportunities in neural engineering at the University of Minnesota

David Redish redish at umn.edu
Sat Dec 1 14:20:28 CET 2012

The Neuroengineering IGERT Training Program at the University of
Minnesota, funded by the National Science Foundation, is inviting
outstanding students to apply through the Graduate Program in
Neuroscience and the Biomedical Engineering programs. The IGERT
program is aimed at training the next generation of scientific and
technical leaders in the interface of engineering and systems
neurosciences, as broadly defined. The training themes include:

1) Neural decoding - Computational and theoretical neuroscience and
neuroengineering studies on decoding theory, methods, as pursued via
animal models or human studies. Neuroimaging is also pursued as means
of brain decoding.

2) Neural modulation - Mechanisms of neuromodulation in brains for
both deep brain stimulation and transcranial stimulations.

3) Neural interfacing - Mechanisms of motor control and learning as
applied to brain-machine interface, as pursued in animal models and

Outstanding training opportunities include mentoring by co-advisors
from over 40 faculty across engineering and brain sciences, a new
neuroengineering minor curriculum, industrial and international
internships, and general stipend ($30,000/year for two years on IGERT
program) and tuition coverage.

Visit the IGERT program website to find out more:


Neuroscience applicants should apply through the Graduate Program in
Neuroscience (application deadline 5/December).

Biomedical engineering applicants should apply through the Biomedical
Engineering Graduate Program (application deadline 15/January).

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