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The Best Illusion of the Year Contest is happy to announce that the TOP TEN
illusions have been chosen!! 


The Contest Gala will be on Monday, May 14th, 5pm, in the Philharmonic
Center of Arts (Naples Fl). The 2012 Contest Gala will be hosted by Margaret
Livingstone and Stuart Anstis! Everybody is invited!!!


Who will the TOP THREE winners be??? That's up to YOU! The audience will
choose them from the current TOP TEN list. 


For more details, please visit our webpage:
<http://illusioncontest.neuralcorrelate.com/> http://illusionoftheyear.com


2012 TOP TEN ILLUSION CONTESTANTS (alphabetical order): To see the illusions
themselves. you must come to the CONTEST!!!

Title TBA: Stuart Anstis, UC San Diego, USA

"Head-Size Illusion": Kazunori Morikawa and Eri Ishii, Osaka University,

"Floating Star": Kaia Nao

"The Disappearing Hand Trick": Roger Newport, Helen Gilpin and Catherine
Preston, University of Nottingham, UK

"Exorcist Illusion - Twisting Necks": Thomas Papathomas, Tom Grace Sr.,
Marcel de Heer and Robert Bunkin, Rutgers University, USA

"Color Wagon Wheel": Arthur Shapiro and William Kistler, American
University, USA

"When Pretty Girls Turn Ugly: The Flashed Face Distortion Effect": Jason
Tangen, Sean Murphy and Matthew Thompson, The University of Queensland,

"Peripheral Action Phantom Illusion": Steven Thurman and Hongjing Lu, UCLA,

"Attentional modulation of perceived color": Peter Tse, Dartmouth College,

"Illusion of Height Contradiction": Sachiko Tsuruno, Kinki University, Japan


On behalf of the Neural Correlate Society,


Susana Martinez-Conde (Executive Producer, Best Illusion of the Year


Neural Correlate Society Executive Committee: Jose-Manuel Alonso, Stephen
Macknik, Susana Martinez-Conde, Luis Martinez, Xoana Troncoso, Peter Tse


The Neural Correlate Society is a tax-exempt 501(c)3 non-profit
organization, whose mission is to promote the public awareness of
neuroscience research.



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