[Comp-neuro] INCF Canadian Neuroinformatics Workshop, May 24th, Vancouver, BC, CANADA

Elodie Portales-Casamar elodie at neurodevnet.ca
Wed Apr 25 18:28:26 CEST 2012

The International Neuroinformatics Coordinating Facility (INCF) and 
NeuroDevNet will jointly host a FREE workshop on the topic of Canadian 
Neuroinformatics on *May 24th*, immediately following this year's 
Canadian Association for Neuroscience meeting at the *Sheraton Wall 
Centre in Vancouver, BC*.

We hope that you will be able to join us for this FREE full day workshop 
(including lunch).

The workshop will include a diverse scientific agenda, and will close 
with a discussion of Canada's potential future involvement in INCF.
The speakers are:

Dr. Sean Hill, INCF Executive Director, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm
Dr. Maryann Martone, INCF US Node, UCSD, La Jolla, CA
Dr. Rob Williams, INCF US Node, UTHSC, Memphis, TN
Dr. Dan Goldowitz, CMMT, UBC, Vancouver, BC
Dr. Paul Pavlidis, CHiBi, UBC, Vancouver, BC
Dr. Alan Evans, MNI, McGill, Montreal, QC
Dr. Todd Woodward, UBC, Vancouver, BC
Dr. Christian Beaulieu, U. of Alberta, Edmonton, AB
Dr. Stephen Strother, Baycrest, U. of Toronto, Toronto, ON
Dr. John Tsotsos, CVR, York U., Toronto, ON
Dr. Gunnar Blohm, Queen's U., Kingston, ON
Dr. Matthijs van der Meer, CTN, U. Waterloo, ON
Dr. Ibolja Cernak, U. of Alberta, Edmonton, AB

For more information or to register go to:


For your accommodations, you can take advantage of the CAN preferential 
rates at the Sheraton through the CAN meeting website:


More information about INCF
The International Neuroinformatics Coordinating Facility (INCF) was 
launched in 2005, following a proposal from the Global Science Forum of 
the OECD to establish an international collaborative informatics 
infrastructure for neuroscience, and currently has 16 member countries 
across North America, Europe and Asia. INCF establishes and operates 
scientific programs to develop standards for neuroscience data sharing, 
analysis, modeling and simulation while coordinating an informatics 
infrastructure designed to enable the integration of neuroscience 
knowledge worldwide and catalyze insights into brain function in health 
and disease. Please see www.incf.orgfor more information.

More information about NeuroDevNet
NeuroDevNet, a Canadian Network of Centres of Excellence (NCE), is 
dedicated to helping children overcome neurodevelopmental disorders. 
Network investigators seek to understand the causes of neurological 
deficits, and to transfer this knowledge to health care professionals, 
policy makers, and communities of interest. NeuroDevNet works with its 
partners in academia, the community, not-for-profit sector, industry, 
and government, and across traditional disciplinary boundaries and 
sectors, to ensure generated knowledge is translated into tangible 
diagnostic, preventative, therapeutic, social, economic, and health 
benefits for all. Please see www.neurodevnet.ca 
<http://www.neurodevnet.ca> for more information.

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