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In celebration of the 60th anniversary of the publication of the Hodgkin-Huxley model of the action potential.

Trinity College, Cambridge, UK, July 12 - 13, 2012

Registration is now open for this congress celebrating the 60th anniversary of the original publication of the Hodgkin and Huxley model of the generation of the action potential by the squid giant axon. The congress will be held at Trinity College, Cambridge the home academic institution for the original research.


Day Delegate (both days)                           GBP 110


*Residential Delegate 2 nights

(shared bathroom)                                     GBP 185


*Residential Delegate 2 nights

(en-suite bathroom)                                   GBP 200


*Residential Delegate 3 nights

(shared bathroom)                                     GBP 225


*Residential Delegate 3 nights

(en-suite bathroom)                                   GBP 250


†Conference Banquet Guest                      GBP 60


*these registration fees include accommodation and conference meals.

† includes plaque unveiling (1:30PM) Bertil Hille’s Keynote lecture (1:45 pm) and the Conference Banquet (7:30 pm) on July 12th.



Due to space limitations registration is limited and on a first come first serve basis.  Registration fees increase after May 8, 2012.


The meeting will also include an open poster session for any participant who would like to present their work. Make sure you have your title and abstract ready before attempting to register as this information needs to be entered at registration. 


Travel funds are available for student members of the OCNS making poster presentations on a first come first serve basis.



Meeting website for registration and complete agenda: http://www.cnsorg.org/hodgkin-huxley60



A partial list of confirmed speakers include:


Wilfrid Rall (NIH retired)

Gordon Shepherd (Yale University)

Daniel Gardner  (NYU University)

Biswa Sengupta  (Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India)

Bruce Bean (Harvard University)

David Attwell (University College London)

Bertil Hille (University of Washington)

Indira Raman (Northwestern University)

Peter Jones (IST, Austria)

Lorin Milescu (University of Missouri)

Ilya Fleidervish (Ben- Gurion University)

William Kath (Northwestern University)

Harold Zakon (University of Texas Austin)

James Bower (University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio)

Idan Segev (Hebrew University)

Micheal Hausser (University College London)

Andreas Herz (BCCN, Munich)

Fred Wolf (Max Plack Institute – Gottingen)

Fernando Fernandez (University of Utah)

Lyle Long (Pennsylvania State University)

Hans Braun (University of Marburg, Germany)

Yuguo Yu (Yale University and Fudan University Shanghai)

Sungho Hong (Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology)

Michele Migilore (CNR, Palermo)

Susanne Schreirber (Humboldt University)

Cengiz Gunay (Emory University)

Chrisitan Finke (University of Oldenburg)

Kazuyuki Alhara (University of Tokyo)

Michele Giugliano (Unveristy of Antwerp)

L..S. Borkowski (Adam Michlewicz University, Poland)

Alessandro Torcini (CNR, Flourance)

Henry Tuckwell (Max Planck Institute, Leipzig)


  Principal organizers:

  James M. Bower (University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio)

  Idan Segev (Hebrew University)

  Michael Häusser (University College London)

  Simon O'Connor (Local Organizer)

Supported by OCNS, The Physiological Society, The Gatsby Charitable Foundation.




Dr. James M. Bower Ph.D.
Professor of Computational Neurobiology

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twitter: superid101
linkedin: Jim Bower

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