[Comp-neuro] Call for Workshops/Tutorials for SAB2012

john at mmmi.sdu.dk john at mmmi.sdu.dk
Fri Apr 20 16:40:43 CEST 2012

The Simulation of Adaptive Behavior conference 2012 takes place in
Odense in August.  There are two days set aside for workshops and
tutorials:  August 27th and August 31st.

The objective of this interdisciplinary conference is to bring
together researchers in computer science, artificial intelligence,
alife, control, robotics, neurosciences, ethology, evolutionary
biology, and related fields so as to further our understanding of the
behaviors and underlying mechanisms that allow natural and artificial
animals to adapt and survive in uncertain environments. The conference
will focus on experiments with well-defined models --- robot models,
computer simulation models, mathematical models --- designed to help
characterize and compare various organizational principles or
architectures underlying adaptive behavior in real animals and in
synthetic agents, the animats.

If you have a proposal for a workshop or tutorial to be held alongside
SAB2012, please send an email to the conference programme chairs via
the sab2012 AT isab.org email address.  Your email should contain:

 * the title of the workshop or tutorial,

 * a short motivation for the topic,

 * a short description of the format you plan (presentations of
   papers, discussion, mixture of both, something else),

 * an indication of whether you prefer Monday or Friday and full-
   or half-day format, and

 * an estimate of the likely number of people who might attend.

The deadline for proposals for workshops and/or tutorials is 7th May;
decisions will be made quickly after that date.

For further details about the conference, visit www.sab2012.org.

Best wishes,

  John Hallam, Christian Balkenius, Tom Ziemke

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