[Comp-neuro] Paris Area Computational Neuroscience Day - 26 April - "Oscillations and Computation in the brain"

Alexandre Hyafil alexandre.hyafil at gmail.com
Mon Apr 9 16:44:09 CEST 2012

We have the pleasure to announce the Paris Area Computational Neuroscience
Day (PACND) will be held Thurday, April 26th from 10am to 5.30pm with a
special focus on ‘Oscillations and Computation in the brain’.

The conference will take place in Ecole Normale Supérieure at 45, rue d’Ulm
in Paris in Salle Dussane.

It is free and with no prior registration.

This year PACND will host two keynote speakers:

- Pr Miles Whittington (Newcastle University) : ‘Tuning into neocortex:
neuronal communication strategies in the frequency domain’

- Rufin VanRullen (U. Paul Sabatier, Toulouse) : ‘Revealing periodic
 operations of the brain’

Other speakers include :
- Bartosz Telenczuk (UNIC, Gif s/Yvette) : ‘High-frequency (>600 Hz) EEG
oscillations reflect spike-burst patterns of cortical neurons’
- Michaël Zugaro (Collège de France) : tba
- Francesca Barbieri (Paris Descartes) : ‘dynamics of LFP in V1 under
naturalistic stimulation’
- Erwan Ledoux (Paris Descartes): ‘Oscillations in the hippocampus’
- Catherine Tallon-Baudry (ENS) : tba
- Srdjan Ostojic (ENS) : tba
- Mario Dipoppa (ENS): 'Flexible control of oscillations enables working
memory tasks'
- Alexandre Hyafil (ENS) : ‘Neural oscillations and speech parsing’

Detailed schedule will be announced shortly.

For more details, email : Alexandre Hyafil (alexandre.hyafil (at) gmail.com),
Lorenzo Fontolan (lorenzo.fontolan (at) gmail.com) or Boris Gutkin
(boris.gutkin (at) ens.fr).
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