[Comp-neuro] Vacant positions at TNB, 2 Postdoctoral Fellows

Mike Wijnants mike at tnb.ua.ac.be
Mon Sep 12 09:32:06 CEST 2011

Postdoctoral Fellows: Two EC-funded postdoctoral positions are 
available in Dr. Michele Giugliano's group at the University of 
Antwerp (Belgium). 
Applicants must have solid in vitro experience with patch-clamp in 
brain slices and in primary neuronal cell cultures. Experience in the 
domains of in vitro multielectrode arrays, optogenetics, 
photoactivation, analysis of synaptic transmission, neuronal 
excitability and population activity will be a plus.

Research will focus on 1) interfacing novel materials to neuronal 
microcircuitry as bidirectional nano-scale interfacing devices, as 
well as on 2) using novel optogenetic and electrophysiological 
techniques for quantitively dissect network electrophysiology and its 
plasticity, relevant for natural and synthetic memories formation, 
deletion, and re-writing. This research, funded by the European 
Commission, aims ultimately at developing unconventional scientific & 
technological approaches for advancing our understanding on 
collective emerging behavior in neuronal ensembles, as well as for 
designing the next generation of neuroprosthetics and cognitive 

The Department of Biomedical Sciences, as well as the European-wide 
laboratories consortia of these projects, constitute a strong 
research community, with many opportunities for collaboration and 
development of laboratory skills. The city of Antwerp, where the 
laboratory is located, is the home town of the painter Rubens, 2nd 
city in Belgium, and receptacle of monuments, museums and churches. 
It is the 2nd largest harbor in Europe, the world's top centre for 
diamond processing, and a lively multi-cultural pocket-size 
metropolis. Only ~3h away from London or Koln, and 2h from Paris or 
Amsterdam, Antwerp is literally located at the center of Europe and 
it is an attractive, inspiring, historic place.

Applications MUST include an extended CV, a motivation letter, and 
names and addresses of three references. Material should be addressed 
electronically to Mrs. Chris Ploegaert, Department of Biomedical 
Sciences, University of Antwerpen, Born-Bunge Foundation, 
Universiteitsplein 1, B-2610 Wilrijk, Belgium, 
chris_AT_tnb.ua.ac.b, until December 1st, 2011 (mass-emails will be 
trashed). For informal inquiries please contact Dr. Michele Giugliano 
(michele.giugliano_AT_ua.ac.be) or visit the website 
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