[Comp-neuro] {Disarmed} WCCI Special session: Meta-learning and hybrid systems for computational intelligence

Norbert Jankowski norbert at is.umk.pl
Thu Nov 24 15:41:54 CET 2011

 <http://www.ieee-wcci2012.org> World Congress on Computational Intelligence
(IEEE WCCI 2012), Brisbane, Australia 

Special session:  <http://www.is.umk.pl/WCCI2012-meta> Meta-learning and
hybrid systems for computational intelligence algorithms

Goals of this special session:

This session will be devoted to approaches that integrate in an intelligent
way various learning algorithms used in computational intelligence,
especially in meta-learning and hybrid systems. Integration of machine
learning algorithms becomes increasingly more important, especially in
applications to hard problems which still wait to be solved, where
application of specialized methods that do not use additional knowledge has
led to limited success. Data mining packages contain hundreds of algorithms
that may be composed in millions of ways, and are able to beat the "no-free
lunch" theorem, but automatization of this process requires analysis of
learning algorithms at the meta-level. Methods that extract various forms of
useful knowledge, share and integrate it for intelligent information
processing, are necessary to solve hard problems. Such methods may be
inspired by the organization of the brain, or may be based on formal
algorithms. One promissing direction is to use methods that construct new
features, learning from successes of divers algorithms, extracting knowledge
from indirect, partial learning and using it to build final potential
solutions. Another interesting aspect in construction of complex
computational intelligence methods is dealing with different levels of
abstraction; useful meta-knowledge may come in the form of highly abstract
heuristic knowledge directing search process for optimal model, or may be
hidden in details of algorithm implementation. 

The main subjects of interest are:

.         Meta-learning algorithms and system architectures. 

.         Meta-knowledge representation, acquisition, application, re-use
and construction, analysis of the usefulness of knowledge. 

.         Hybrid systems, their architectures and ways of integration of
individual models. 

.         Advanced architectures of data mining systems. 

.         Ensemble algorithms, advanced data mining systems/algorithms,
which integrate several methods of data analysis. 

.         Deep learning algorithms. 

.         Transfer learning, information/knowledge sharing methods between
modules of meta-learning or hybrid systems. 

.         Extraction and construction of new features that simplify the
complex learning process, pre-processing methods, multimodal signal
processing, extraction of information from specific types of data.

.         Methods of reasoning for automatic creation of hybrid systems,
estimation of knowledge usefulness for given problem. 

.         Methods of testing of complex systems, applications to challenging

The session is not strictly limited to the above subjects. Every aspects of
meta-learning or other integration of learning algorithms and knowledge are

Important dates:

Paper submission deadline

	Dec 19, 2011


Paper acceptance notification date

	Feb 20, 2012


Final paper submission deadline

	April 2, 2012


(for more dates see  <http://www.ieee-wcci2012.org>


Paper submission :

.         Please REMEMBER to choose "Special session: Meta-learning and
hybrid systems for computational intelligence algorithms"

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Norbert Jankowski and Włodzisław Duch
Department of Informatics, Nicolaus Copernicus University
ul. Grudziadzka 5, 87-100 Toruń, Poland
{norbert,wduch} @ is.umk.pl 

Program Committee:

Pavel Brazdil, Portugal, Andre C P L F de Carvalho, Brazil, Wlodzislaw Duch,
Poland, Christophe Giraud-Carrier, USA, Krzysztof Grabczewski, Poland,
Salman Halgamuge, Australia, Hisao Ishibuchi, Japan, Norbert Jankowski,
Poland, Pavel Kordic, Czech Republic, Teresa Ludermir, Brazil, Ricardo
Bastos C. Prudencio, Brazil, Rafał Scherer, Poland, Carlos Soares, Portugal,
Bruno F. Souza, Brazil, Joaquin Vanschoren, Belgium, Wang Wenjia, Great

Web addresses:

Special session: http://www.is.umk.pl/WCCI2012-meta, WCCI'12:



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