[Comp-neuro] Hands-on Electrophysiology and Neuronal Recordings on Dec. 6.-8. 2012

Ulrich Hofmann hofmann at isip.uni-luebeck.de
Fri Nov 11 12:27:20 CET 2011

Workshop on Electrophysiology and Neuronal Recordings in Lübeck

Neuronal recordings from living animals are considered one of the most difficult, yet most informative methods in all of neurosciences and provide the bases for a wealth of other techniques. Whereas it is far from simple to be mastered quickly, its first steps can be taken with little effort and will provide the young researcher with the invaluable experience having recorded "my first neuron" in vivo.
We invite interested young researchers and students of the appropriate fields to attend this workshop to gain experience that is otherwise difficult to acquire.
Within this hands-on workshop we will have access to several commercial recording setups and will acquire neuronal responses within several acute in vivo paradigms. It is the goal of this workshop to go beyond single micro electrode recordings and test the most recent developments in multisite microprobes as well. 
This workshop might be interesting for theoreticians as well, giving them a better feeling for the source of their experimental data.	

Please visit our website for additional information: http://www.gradschool.uni-luebeck.de/?id=345

Hope to see some of you!

uli hofmann

Prof.  Dr. Ulrich G. Hofmann
Biosignal Processing and Neuro-Engineering
Institute for Signal Processing 
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