[Comp-neuro] PhD studentship, University of Genoa, Italy; brain networks from deep brain electrophysiological data

Andrea Schenone andrea.schenone at unige.it
Mon Jun 27 14:39:12 CEST 2011

Applications are invited for a PhD studentship starting January 2012 at 
the Bioengineering Lab (http://www.bio.dist.unige.it) of the University 
of Genoa (Italy). The studentship will have 3 year duration.

Research activities will concern the study of brain networks, drawn from 
both structural and functional data, and the analysis of their both 
effective and functional connectivity which is a crucial task to fully 
understand the difference between descriptions of patterns of neural 
activity and possible explanations of their origins.

The project will deal with functional deep brain electrophysiological 
data of either spontaneous and evoked response acquisitions all together 
with structural imaging information (MRI/CT). The aim is to build 
integrate tools to visualize, analyze and classify brain networks for 
both inter and intra subjects studies. There are several non-trivial 
problems that should be addressed within this scenario, like the 
reduction of volume conduction artifacts and the choice of the 
statistical paradigm used for analysing connectivity, either extending 
existing tools and developing new ones.

Applicants should have a Master's degree, and have a background in 
biongineering, computer science, physics or related fields. Programming 
experience in C/C++ and/or Matlab would be beneficial but ability and 
desire to learn is essential. Ideally, applicants should have both 
knowledge of non-linear time series analysis techniques applied to EEG 
data and graph theory. The candidate should be able to demonstrate 
independence and curiosity.

Applicants are encouraged to contact Dr Marco Fato (marco.fato at unige.it) 
prior to their application by providing a short statement of their 
research interests and a summary of qualifications. A PhD research 
proposal will need to be prepared as part of the formal application. 
Deadline for applications will be on August 2011.

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