[Comp-neuro] Biological Cybernetics: vol 104, issue 4 --- Table of Content

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Biological Cybernetics: vol 104, issue 4 --- Table of Content

Original papers:

"State estimation bias induced by optimization under uncertainty and 
error cost asymmetry is likely reflected in perception"
Y. P. Shimansky

"Biologically inspired kinematic synergies enable linear balance control 
of a humanoid robot"
Helmut Hauser, Gerhard Neumann, Auke J. Ijspeert & Wolfgang Maass

"Normalization for probabilistic inference with neurons"
Chris Eliasmith & James Martens

"A comprehensive workflow for general-purpose neural modeling with 
highly configurable neuromorphic hardware systems"
Daniel Brüderle, Mihai A. Petrovici, Bernhard Vogginger et. al.

"Analysis of a neural oscillator"
Kiyotoshi Matsuoka

"Self-enhancement learning: target-creating learning and its application 
to self-organizing maps"
Ryotaro Kamimura

"Optic flow estimation on trajectories generated by bio-inspired 
closed-loop flight"
Patrick A. Shoemaker, Andrew M. Hyslop & J. Sean Humbert

Biological Cybernetics, all issues: 

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