[Comp-neuro] Version 5.2 of NeuroMorpho.Org

NeuroMorpho Administrator nmadmin at gmu.edu
Mon Jun 6 21:19:45 CEST 2011

Version 5.2 of NeuroMorpho.Org was released on 1 June, 2011. 400 new
reconstructions were added to the database bringing the total number of
reconstructions to 6614.

This version included the release of reconstructions from unique species
like Elephant (
Spiny lobster (

A new functionality now allows users to save reconstructions in the NeuroML
format, in addition to the already available NEURON and GENESIS formats from
the 3D Neuron Viewer. Also, each reconstruction is now uniquely identified
by its NeuroMorpho.Org ID. Visit the What's new page (
http://neuromorpho.org/neuroMorpho/WIN.jsp) for more details of Version 5.2.

We thank all the data contributors and the NeuroMorpho.Org community for
their continued support. Thank you.


The NeuroMorpho.Org team


Ruchi Parekh, Ph.D.
NeuroMorpho.Org Project Lead
Center for Neural Informatics, Structures, and Plasticity
Krasnow Institute for Advanced Study,
MS2A1, George Mason University,
Fairfax, VA 22030 (USA)

Website: www.neuromorpho.org
Email: nmadmin at gmu.edu
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