[Comp-neuro] New version of Web-based spinal cord and muscle simulator

André Kohn andfkohn at gmail.com
Tue Jul 26 20:09:54 CEST 2011

Dear Colleagues

We have recently launched version 2.0 of ReMoto,
http://remoto.leb.usp.br/remoto/index.html, a web-based simulator of the
spinal cord and innervated muscles of the human leg (no need for
programming, just use a browser). One may study the details of the behavior
a single neuron in response to different inputs and/or to a change of the
dynamic description of its ionic channels. At the other extreme one may
study the force and electrical activity generated by a whole muscle in
response to the spike trains generated by thousands of neuronal elements
(motoneurons, interneurons, axons from the brain and from the periphery.
Each neuron is specified by a somatic and a dendritic compartment, which
have appropriate ionic channels, either voltage or
neurotransmitter-gated.  Different
dendritic or somatic inputs (random point processes and/or deterministic
signals) may be chosen.  Synapses may be chosen with depression or
facilitation. New features included in version 2.0 are:

·        User-friendly interface with animated and rearranged menus and
interactive graphics;

·        Pre-loaded demonstrations with several examples on how ReMoto may
be useful in exploring the neuromuscular function. These demos are also
useful as a starting point to new users;

·        Development of a downloadable standalone version that may be useful
to end-users wanting to run the ReMoto in their own computer.

Features already implemented that will take part in version 2.1:

·        L-type Ca++ channel in motoneuron dendrites giving rise to a
persistent inward current. This feature will allow studies on how the
neuromodulatory descending drive alters the network dynamics and the
neuromuscular behavior as a whole.

 Many more new features are under development!

In case of any doubts on how to use the system, contact us at
remoto at leb.usp.br

The ReMoto Team
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