[Comp-neuro] New textbook: Principles of Computational Modelling in Neuroscience

David Sterratt david.c.sterratt at ed.ac.uk
Wed Jul 20 18:30:16 CEST 2011

Dear colleagues,

We are very pleased to announce the publication of our textbook
"Principles of Computational Modelling in Neuroscience", published by
Cambridge University Press. This book provides a step-by-step account of
how to model the neuron and neural circuitry to understand the nervous
system at all levels, from ion channels to networks. Starting with a
simple model of the neuron as an electrical circuit, gradually more
details are added to include the effects of neuronal morphology,
synapses, ion channels and intracellular signalling. The principle of
abstraction is explained through chapters on simplifying models, and how
simplified models can be used in networks. This theme is continued in a
final chapter on modelling the development of the nervous system. 

An associated website (http://www.compneuroprinciples.org) provides
sample code and up-to-date links to external resources, such as
simulators and databases.

David Sterratt
Bruce Graham
Andrew Gillies
David Willshaw

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