[Comp-neuro] Job opportunities at the Center for Cognition and Brain Disorders at Hangzhou Normal University, China

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Job positions are available at the Center for Cognition and Brain Disorders
at Hangzhou Normal University in China. The center was recently built and
has established five research groups focusing on Chinese character cognition
& perception learning, children's cognitive disorders, depression, epilepsy,
and methodology of resting-state fMRI. The center is equipped with a
state-of-the-art 3T magnet, TMS, EEG, fNIRS, eye-tracker, multi-channel
physiological recording instrument and so on. The center has strong
connections with the affiliated hospital of Hangzhou Normal University,
which provides abundant patient resources.

Candidates should hold a Ph.D. or M.D. in cognitive neuroscience or related
areas and have demonstrated achievement in their areas. Successful
candidates will be hired at one of six levels (from high to low): principle
investigator, senior investigator, investigator, associate investigator,
assistant investigator and post-doctoral researcher. They will be expected
to carry out high-quality researches in the center. The center will provide
internationally competitive salary and other benefits (such as housing
subsidies, start-up funds, etc.)

The positions are open now. Applicants should submit a letter describing
their interests and credentials, curriculum vitae, statements of research,
and copies of selected publications. For more information, please contact
people listed below:

1. Chinese characters cognition & perceptual learning (Not limited in this
area, the same below):

  Prof. Xuchu Weng ( wengxc at psych.ac.cn ) (

  Prof. Sheng He ( sheng at umn.edu ) (

  Prof. Fang Fang ( ffang at pku.edu.cn ) (
http://www.psy.pku.edu.cn/en/fangfang.html or

2. Depression:

  Prof. Georg Northoff ( Georg.Northoff at rohcg.on.ca )

( http://www.imhr.ca/research/northofflab/index-e.cfm)

3. Resting-state fMRI methods and other brain disorders:

  Prof. Yufeng Zang ( zangyf at gmail.com )  (http://www.restfmri.net)
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