[Comp-neuro] postdoc position at INRIA - Applied Mathematics - Computational abilities of spiking neurons-based computing

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Thu Jul 7 09:08:58 CEST 2011

Post-doc position



Applied mathematics - signal processing.



Computational abilities of spiking neurons-based computing


The candidate should hold a Ph.D. in applied mathematics, electrical engineering, or computer science.


This post-doc position is part of the Arch²Neu project, funded by the French National Research Agency. This project aims at investigating the potential of neuromorphic architectures for computing purposes, and particularly for signal-processing applications. We are developing both the analog neuron hardware and the associated digital communications infrastructure, libraries of operators, and a compilation toolchain to provide the user with a robust, efficient, and easy-to-program accelerator for signal processing.


A broad variety of signal-processing operators can be built using spiking neurons. These operators can then be composed to build signal processing tasks. In that perspective, it is vital to identify and characterize the classes of operators -and applications- than can be implemented using networks of spiking neurons. From the analytical model of the spiking neuron, the candidate will derive high-level properties of spiking neural networks, and contribute to the development of new operators and applications. In particular, the implementation of an ODE solver will be investigated.


The candidate will tightly interact with the other members of the project-team working on architecture design and programming environment. 





Please contact:


Rodolphe Héliot


rodolphe.heliot at cea.fr

Tel: + 33 4 38 78 17 69



Olivier Temam

INRIA Saclay

olivier.temam at inria.fr

Tel: + 33 1 72 92 59 52 


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