[Comp-neuro] Postdoctoral Positions on High-Resolution Microelectrode Array Data (ETH Zurich, RIKEN)

Frey Urs urs.frey at bsse.ethz.ch
Mon Jan 31 09:58:55 CET 2011

We are seeking postdoctoral researchers to strengthen our efforts on advanced high-resolution microelectrode arrays.

The following *two* positions are available:

*PostDoc at ETH Zurich, Bio Engineering Laboratory,*
*Prof. A. Hierlemann, Basel, Switzerland*
To sharpen our group profile in analysis and modeling of electrophysiological data, and to exploit the unique data sets, obtained with our high-resolution bidirectional multielectrode array (stimulation & recording from each electrode, > 3000 electrodes per mm2), we are looking for a qualified Postdoc. Our CMOS-based arrays provide subcellular-resolution, highly redundant data sets for mapping the electrical activity of different neuronal preparations, such as cultured cells or slices. These unique data sets form the base for, e.g., developing spike sorting algorithms, real-time feedback architectures, or models of the behavior of neurons or entire networks in the respective preparation. The main scientific questions currently include visual coding in the retina and plasticity in neuronal preparations.
More Information: http://www.bsse.ethz.ch/bel/Open_Positions/2010_Data_Analysis_Postdoc

*PostDoc at the RIKEN Quantitative Biology Center,*
*Frey Initiative Research Unit, Kobe, Japan*
The Frey-IRU is seeking highly motivated and experienced postdoctoral researchers or research scientists in the field of neuroscience. You will apply a state-of-the-art, high-resolution MEA with 11'000 electrodes on a 2x2mm2 area to answer biological question in the field of vision restoration with retinal preparations and/or memory and learning with in vitro neuronal cultures.
More Information: http://www.riken.jp/engn/r-world/info/recruit/k110119_s_ccql.html

Inquiry regarding the position details or application process is encouraged by contacting: Dr. Urs Frey (urs.frey at bsse.ethz.ch).

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