[Comp-neuro] PhD position in Systems Neuroscience in Barcelona

Jaime de la Rocha jrochav at clinic.ub.es
Thu Jan 27 12:26:27 CET 2011

PhD position in Systems Neuroscience in Barcelona: stochastic dynamics 
of cortical circuits and their impact on perception.

Applications are invited for a PhD position in the 'Cortical Circuit 
Dynamics Group' at IDIBAPS (Institut D'Investigacions Biomèdiques August 
Pi i Sunyer), in Barcelona. The 4 year position, funded by an FPI grant 
by the Spanish Ministry of Science, starts Sept. 2011 and is aimed to 
investigate the role of noise in perception and decision making.

Our lab is generally interested in elucidating the neural and circuit 
mechanisms underlying auditory processing and perception. In particular, 
we investigate the integration of feed-forward sensory inputs and 
top-down signals into coherent percepts, in the presence of ongoing 
activity generated by local circuit dynamics. We focus on the role of 
neuronal noise and synchrony on this process as well as its dependence 
on brain state. We combine population cortical recordings in rats with 
with quantitative analysis and computational modeling.

Our lab is part of the Systems Neuroscience Unit 
(http://www.idibaps.org/research/708/systems-neuroscience) in IDIBAPS 
(http://www.idibaps.ub.edu/eng/home.php) where we benefit from a regular 
interaction with the labs of Dr. Albert Compte (http://complab.fcrb.es/) 
and Dr. David Robbe (http://neuro.fcrb.es/BasalGangLab/RobbeLab). This 
unit is part of a larger and growing community of Systems and 
Computational Neuroscience groups in Barcelona 
(http://www.barcelonaneuroscience.com) which organizes weekly seminars 
and meetings. Many of the groups in this community share a common 
general interest on the study of neural network dynamics. IDIBAPS is one 
of the largest biomedical research institutes in Spain and is located in 
the heart of Barcelona's business and art nouveau district, and it is 
minutes away from a variety of restaurants, cafes, shopping areas and 
the beach (15 minutes bike ride).

The ideal candidate has a degree in Physics, Mathematics, Computer 
Science, Neuroscience or similar and combines a solid background in 
neurobiology and quantitative analysis skills. Programming skills and 
strong motivation to learn experimental as well as computational 
state-of-the-art techniques would be an advantage. For further 
information about this position, visit 
http://neuro.fcrb.es/delaRochaLab. Application letters including a CV, 
research experience, a short statement of research interests, and 
contact details of two referees should be sent by email to Dr. Jaime de 
la Rocha (jrochav at clinic.ub.es) before February 15th 2011.

Jaime de la Rocha
Ramón y Cajal researcher at
Institut D'Investigacions Biomèdiques August Pi i Sunyer
c. Mallorca 183, bajos
Barcelona, 08036
Tel. +34 932275400 (4167)

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