[Comp-neuro] special sessions on information theory and neuroscience at CNS and ISIT

Todd P. Coleman colemant at illinois.edu
Mon Jan 24 16:51:15 CET 2011

To whom it may concern:

There will be a special session pertaining to neuroscience and 
information theory at the annual International Symposium on Information 
Theory (ISIT) 2011 in St Petersburg, Russia (http://www.isit2011.org/).

This is taking place due to
(i) increasing interest in the intersection of these disciplines
  - a special issue on Information Theory in Molecular Biology and 
Neuroscience, IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, February 2010
  - a special issue on Methods of Information Theory in Neuroscience 
Research, Journal of Computational Neuroscience, June 2010
  - 5 years of special sessions on "Methods of Information Theory in 
Computational Neuroscience" at the Computational Neuroscience Annual 
Meeting (CNS)

(ii) a coincidence that provided an opportunity: the Computational 
Neuroscience Annual Meeting (CNS) will take place the week before ISIT, 
in Stockholm, Sweden (see herehttp://www.cnsorg.org/2011/for more 
details). Moreover, a special session there, titled "Methods of 
Information Theory in Computational Neuroscience", will take place on 
Thursday, July 28th.   The link to the 2010 session is 

The special session on neuroscience and information theory at ISIT will 
be of 3 hours in duration, consisting of 4 or 5 talks of 35-40 minutes 
in duration.  Each researcher in computational/experimental neuroscience 
will give an overview of their work and will speak to the potential 
synergies with information theory. The detailed scheduling of this ISIT 
session is to be determined, but will most likely take place during 
Monday/Tuesday at ISIT - to provide overlap with the CNS conference.

The hope is that intrigued researchers on both sides of the disciplines 
might be able to use the same trip to Europe to take part in both 
conferences and further identify the interplay between both.  Such 
computational /experimental neuroscientists with preliminary results 
that are appropriate for ISIT are encouraged to submit a paper by the 
standard ISIT Feb 15, 2011 deadline 
<http://www.isit2011.org/authors_call.php>). Analogously, information 
theorists with neuroscience results that are appropriate for CNS are 
encouraged to submit an abstract to the CNS annual meeting by the Feb 
14, 2011 deadline (http://www.cnsorg.org/2011/dates.shtml 

The links to the two conferences are here:
CNS: http://www.cnsorg.org/

For anyone with further questions, feel free to contact
- Todd Coleman (colemant at illinois.edu <mailto:colemant at illinois.edu>)
- Aurel Lazar (aurel at ee.columbia.edu <mailto:aurel at ee.columbia.edu>)

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