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*Paris School of Neuroscience - Spring School 2011
Optical Imaging and Electrophysiological Recording in Neuroscience
Tuesday April 12th -- Friday April 20th 2011
Université Paris Descartes, 45 Rue des Saints Pères, 75006 Paris *

Photophysics and photochemistry of fluorophores. Data analysis and image 
Conventional and confocal microscopy. CCD cameras. Patch clamp and 
extracellular recording.
Multi-electrode arrays. In vivo electrical recording.Two-photon confocal 
and other non-linear microscopy.
Light sources and lasers for fluorescence excitation. Fluorescent 
indicators for calcium and other ions and membrane potential. Adaptive 
optics in microscopy.
Photolysis. Brain slice and In vivo imaging. Viral transfection of 
genetically encoded markers and indicators.

*24 lectures and eight days hands-on practical work.*
Practical work is in three blocks of 2-3 days based around six rigs with 
two demonstrators for each.
*The topics are*: Slice recording and synaptic transmission in 
cerebellum and spinal cord, Extracellular recording and analysis, 
Dendritic patch recording, CCD imaging of membrane potential, CCD 
imaging of Ca2+,  Photolysis.

*HOW TO APPLY? - * *Deadline 31 January 2011 - *
Applications should be made online at http://goo.gl/rBNQn.
Applications for the full course should include: a CV (1-2 pages max), a 
description of the current research project (5000 characters limit), a 
letter of recommendation from the thesis advisor or the lab PI.
*There are 18 places.
Further information is available at www.paris-neuroscience.fr 
*800EUR.*  includes: registration fee, accommodation close to the 
University (12 nights) and lunches provided each day in the lab.
For Paris based students
*400EUR*.  includes: registration fee, and lunches provided each day in 
the lab.
No fee for attendance at the lectures only but registration at 
http://goo.gl/rBNQn. is required.
The payments should be made by bank transfer (more information sent by 
email after the selection).
FACULTY in 2010 were*
Brad Amos, Philippe Ascher, Celine Auger, Boris Barbour, Marco Beato, 
Brice Bohours, Jonathan Bradley, Marco Canepari, Mariano Casado, Larry 
Cohen, Maxime Dahan, John Dempster, Marco Diana,
Stephane Dieudonne, Mathieu Ducros, Valentina Emiliani, Desdemona 
Fricker, Lyle Graham, Boris Lamotte d'Incamps, Clément Léna, Sandrine 
Leveque-Fort, Jean Livet, Isabel Llano, Troy Margrie,  
Alain Marty,  Uwe Maskos, Gail McConnell, Sheyla Meija, David Ogden, 
Martin Oheim, Francisco Palma-Cerda, Reiner Polder, Christophe Pouzat, 
Ede Rancz, Stefanie Reichelt, Eric Schwartz, Brandon Stell, Klaus 
Suhling, German Szapiro,  Martin Thomas, Pierre Vincent

*VENUE *Université Paris Descartes, 45 Rue des Saints Pères, 75006 Paris
*Metro* Line 4 /  "St Germain des Prés" Station  /  *Bus* Lines 39, 63, 
86, 87, 95

*CONTACT *enp at paris-neuroscience.com  /  *T *+ 33 1 40 27 52 80

Ecole des Neurosciences de Paris IDF
8-10 rue des Fossés Saint Marcel, Offices 407-409, 75005 Paris
T + 33 1 40 27 51 16 / Fax + 33 1 40 27 51 78

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