[Comp-neuro] NeuroML Development Workshop 2011 & NeuroML v2 alpha release

P Gleeson p.gleeson at ucl.ac.uk
Fri Feb 25 19:05:34 CET 2011

Dear colleagues,

The third NeuroML Development Workshop is being held in London on March 31st&  April 1st. This meeting will discuss the ongoing development of the next major version (v2.0) of the NeuroML language for describing neuronal&  network models in a standardized format. This international initiative aims to increase model transparency and to enable neuroscientists to exchange models between software tools for building, visualising, simulating&  analysing complex neuronal systems.

Full details of the meeting can be found athttp://www.neuroml.org/workshop2011.php. The meeting is open to all but please note that capacity is limited and pre registration is required for attendees. The meeting is supported by the NIH, the Wellcome Trust and the UK Node of the INCF. There will be travel/accommodation support available from the UK Neuroinformatics Node for a small number of attendees based in the UK. Please contactp.gleeson at ucl.ac.uk  for more details.

NeuroML version 1.x has recently been described in detail (Gleeson et al. PLoS Comp Biol 2010), and there is an increasing number of open source software tools (http://www.neuroml.org/tool_support) supporting the various parts of the language. A number of published cell and network models have been made available in the format (http://www.neuroml.org/models.php).

NeuroML version 2.0 will build on the core structures of v1.x (neuronal morphologies, ion channels, synapse models, network structure), but will have an underlying extensible framework (LEMS - the Low Entropy Model Specification language) for explicitly defining the behaviour of each component. This will allow a greater range of abstract cell models to be expressed in the language and allow more flexibility for specifying the behaviour of ion channel and synapse models. NeuroML 2 will also have greater interaction with other modelling languages including SBML, CellML and the emerging NineML language. More details on the alpha release of NeuroML v2.0 are available here:http://www.neuroml.org/neuroml2, along with a demo interpreter for the LEMS language allowing execution of NeuroML v2 model components including cells with HH&  kinetic scheme channels, Izhikevich&  Adaptive Exponential I&F neurons, FitzHugh-Nagumo models, single/double exponential, NMDA&  STP synapse models.

NeuroML is being developed as a community resource and contributions and feedback are welcome from all.

The NeuroML Team
Robert Cannon
Sharon Crook
Padraig Gleeson
Angus Silver

Padraig Gleeson
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University College London
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+44 207 679 3214
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