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UNDERSTANDING (University of Tuebingen, Germany)
Neural mechanisms that link action perception and motor execution
have become a central topic in cognitive systems neurosience.
Experimental observations, like the one of 'mirror neurons',
suggest that the control and perception of actions are tightly
linked in the cortex.  However, an understanding of the exact
neural circuits that that match visual action observation
and the control of motor behavior remains to be discovered.

Goal of the project is the development of a physiologically
plausible neural theory of action understanding that is
closely based on electrophysiological results. The project
will be realized in tight interaction with  electrophysiologist
and offers the possibility to take part in the development
of new methods for the study of mirror neurons. The main focus
will be the development of physiologically plausible models.

The Department of Cognitive Neurology and the Section
for Computational Sensomotorics are part of the Werner
Reichardt Center for Integrative Neurosciences and the
Hertie Institute for Clinical Brain Research in Tübingen.
It also is part of the newly funded Bernstein Center for
Computational Neuroscience.

Tübingen offers the possibility of a PhD in Neuroscience
in the Graduate Training Center of Neuroscience. The
project will be jointly directed by Prof. M. Giese
(Theoretical Neurosience) and Prof. P Thier (Physiology).

M. Giese's laboratory works on the computational and neural
mechanisms of body motion perception, combining modeling,
machine learning, and behavioral and imaging techniques.
P. Thier's laboratory  works on the neural basis of
perception and action, using electrophysiological techniques,
combined with imaging techniques and clinical studies.

Ideal candidates have the following qualifications:
* Masters degree in Computer Science,
   Electrical Engineering, Physics, or Biology / Psychology
   (with very good mathematical skills)
* Programming experience (Matlab, C, ...)
* Basic knowledge about neuroscience, neural modeling,
   and / or machine learning
* English speaking and writing skills.

Committed to Equal Opportunities.

Please send applications preferentially
electronically (including CV, marks and 2
letters of reference) as soon as possible to
Prof. Dr. Martin Giese, Hertie Institute
for Clinical Brain Research  & Center for
Integrative Neuroscience,  Frondsbergstr. 23,
72070 Tuebingen, Germany;
email: martin.giese at uni-tuebingen.de


    Prof. Dr. Martin Giese

    Section for Computational Sensomotorics
    Dept. for Cognitive Neurology
    Hertie Institute for Clinical Brain Research &
    Center for Integrative Neurocience
    University Clinic Tuebingen
    Frondsbergstr. 23
    D-72076 Tuebingen

    Tel.: +49 7071 29 89124
    Fax: +49 7071 29 4790
    Email: martin.giese at uni-tuebingen.de
    Web: http://www.compsens.uni-tuebingen.de/

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