[Comp-neuro] Final Call: Abstract submission closes Feb 14th: CNS*2011 Stockholm, July 23-28th

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Twentieth Annual International Computational Neuroscience Conference
Main conference: July 24 - 26, 2011
Tutorials: July 23, 2011
Workshops: July 27-28th, 2011

Stockholm, Sweden

Conference theme: "Neuronal network structure and dynamics in function
and dysfunction"

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: February 14, 2011 (11 PM Pacific Time, USA)
ABSTRACT SUBMISSION WEBSITE: http://www.cnsorg.org/2011/submission.shtml

Submissions to the meeting will take the form of a formatted abstract.
Submission instructions, submission website, and a full description
of the review process are at
http://www.cnsorg.org/2011/submission.shtml.  Authors wishing to give
oral presentation are required to also submit a 1-3-page summary (for
the OCNS reviewers only) describing the nature, scope and main results
of the work in more detail.  The summaries will be reviewed to
construct the oral program.  All submissions will be acknowledged by

A limited number of merit based travel grants, awarded based on review
of abstracts by the program committee, will be available to students
and postdocs.  Women and underrepresented minorities in STEM are
particularly encouraged to apply.  Applications will be due Feb. 28th,
2011.  See instructions for requesting  travel  awards at
www.cnsorg.org.  Recipients of travel grants will be notified by May
5, 2011.

Student posters presented at CNS*2011 will also be judged for cash
prizes awarded at the meeting.
Please check www.cnsorg.org periodically for announcement of
additional categories of awards for postdoctoral fellows.

The formatted abstracts will again be published as a Supplement to the
online journal BMC Neuroscience. The supplement is citable, indexed by
PubMed, and open access.

At least one author must register for CNS*2011 by the early
registration deadline of May 15, 2011 for the abstract to be published
and included in the program book.  Last year's abstracts are available
at the URLs:

EARLY MEETING REGISTRATION CLOSED: May 15, 2011 (11 PM Pacific Time,  
REGISTRATION WEBSITE: http://www.cnsorg.org/2011

CNS*2011 will be held in Stockholm, Sweden July 23-28th, 2011. The
meeting will kick off with a day of tutorials and an evening welcome
reception on Saturday July 23rd.  The main meeting of CNS*2011 follows
on July 24th-July 26th, and this followed by two days of workshops on
July 27-28th.

The main meeting will be held at the Royal Institute of Technology in
Stockholm, Sweden.
A welcome will be held in the beautiful Stockholm city hall on Monday,
July 25th, 2011 where the Nobel Prizes are awarded.

Submissions can include experimental, model-based, as well as more
abstract theoretical approaches to understanding neurobiological
computation.  We especially encourage research that mixes experimental
and theoretical studies.  We also accept papers that describe new
technical approaches to theoretical and experimental issues in
computational neuroscience or relevant software packages.

Ivan Soltesz, USA
Peter Tass, Germany
Anders Lansner, Sweden

To Be Announced

Call for workshops will be in an upcoming announcement

The CNS*2011 meeting is organized by the Organization for
Computational Neurosciences, Inc.
President:  Erik De Schutter (OIST, Japan and U Antwerp, Belgium)
Program chair:  Astrid Prinz (Emory U, USA)
Local organizers: Erik Fransén (Royal Inst of Tech, Stockholm, Sweden)
Meeting Liaison: Udo Ernst (U Bremen, Germany)
Workshop Organizer: Alex Dimitrov (Washington State University, USA)
Workshop Assistant Organizer: Volker Steuber (U Hertfordshire, UK)
Tutorials Organizer: TBA
Travel Awards administrator: Avrama Blackwell (George Mason U, USA)
Travel Awards assistant administrator: Jeanette Kotaleski (Royal Inst
of Tech, Stockholm, Sweden)

Program Committee:
Jean-Marc Fellous (U Arizona, USA; Publication Chair)
Hide Cateau (RIKEN, Japan)
Netta Cohen (U Leeds, UK)
Gennady Cymbalyuk (Georgia State U, USA)
Andrew Davison (UNIC, France)
Bruce Grahm (U Stirling, UK)
Boris Gutkin, (ENS, France)
Thomas Nowotny (U Sussex, UK)
Duane Nykamp (U Minnesota, USA)
Simon Schultz (Imperial College, UK)
Peggy Series (U Edinburgh, UK)
Miriam Zacksenhouse (Technion, Israel)


OCNS - Organization for Computational Neurosciences, Inc. http://www.cnsorg.org

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