[Comp-neuro] RESEARCH MR PHYSICIST-- RUBIC- Rutgers University

Stephen José Hanson jose at psychology.rutgers.edu
Tue Feb 8 14:25:11 CET 2011

The newly built neuroimaging center--RUBIC (Rutgers Brain Imaging
Center) is seeking an individual for research development and
management of the center resources especially including a SIEMENS 3T

See the following webpage for more information and to apply online.

If you have any questions about this position, please respond to
jose at psychology.rutgers.edu  with a subject line "PHYSICIST"


Stephen José Hanson
Psychology Department
Rutgers University

Director RUBIC (Rutgers Brain Imaging Center)
Director RUMBA (Rutgers Brain/Mind Analysis-NK) 
Member of Cognitive Science Center (NB)
Information Science, NJIT (NK)

email: jose at psychology.rutgers.edu
web: psychology.rutgers.edu/~jose
lab: www.rumba.rutgers.edu
fax: 866-434-7959
voice: 973-353-5440 x 1412

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