[Comp-neuro] 10 Doctoral Fellowships in the area of Neural Circuits

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International Max Planck Research School for Neural Circuits


The IMPRS for Neural Circuits was recently funded by the Max Planck Society and offers ten positions for talented students holding a relevant Master´s or Bachelor´s degree to perform research resulting in a PhD. It also includes a tailor-made educational program including neuroscience courses (topics and techniques), transferable skills, rotations and exchange programs. 

The deadline for applications (including the letters of recommendation) is March 15, 2011!

IMPRS for Neural Circuits Faculty are Frankfurt Neuroscientists from the Max Planck Institutes for Brain Research and Biophysics, the Goethe University and the university clinic, the Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies and the newly established Ernst Strüngmann Institute. IMPRS Faculty members currently include Amparo Acker-Palmer, Georg Auburger, Ernst Bamberg, Thomas Deller, Pascal Fries, Alexander Gottschalk, Manfred Kössl, Werner Kühlbrandt, Gilles Laurent, Christoph van der Malsburg, Peter Mombaerts, Jochen Roeper, Erin Schuman, Wolf Singer, Hartwig Spors, Jochen Triesch and Gabriel Wittum. 

The common focus of the IMPRS for Neural Circuits will be the understanding of neural circuits (from the simple to the large and complex), at all scales required to achieve this understanding. This ambitious objective will require analyses at the molecular, cellular, multi-cellular, network and behavioral levels, with the full understanding that macroscopic phenomena (spatial patterns, dynamics) can be scale-dependent, and that reductionism is not always sufficient as a method. 

For questions please refer to

Max Planck Institute for Brain Research
IMPRS for Neural Circuits	
Dr. A.P. (Arjan) Vink
Deutschordenstr. 46
60528 Frankfurt am Main

arjan.vink at brain.mpg.de	
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