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Journal of Integrative Neuroscience

Volume 10, No. 4 (December) 2011


1. Computing by physical interaction in neurons
   D.Aur, M. Jog  & R.R. Poznanski

2. Associable representations as field of influence for dynamic cognitive 
   L.Cacha & R.R.Poznanski
3. Modeling the spontaneous Ca2+ oscillations in astrocytes: inconsistencies and 
   J.Riera, R. Hatanaka, T.Ozaki & R. Kawashima  
4. The impact of verbal framing on brain activity evoked by emotional images
    M. A. Kisley, A.M. Campbell, J.M. Larson, A.E.Naftz, J.T.Regnier, & De.B.
5. Effect of frequency deviance direction on performance and mismatch negativity
    I.S. Karanasiou, C. Papageorgiou, M. Kyprianou, E.I. Tsianaka, G.K. 
    Matsopoulos, E. M. Ventouras, & N. K. Uzunoglu 

6. MEG evaluation of taste by gender difference 
    T.Gemousakakis, A.Kotini,, P.Anninos, A. Zissimopoulos, P.Prassopoulos
7. Asynchronous decoding of finger position and of EMG during precision grip
    using CM cell activity: application to robot control. 
    S. Ouanezar, S. Eskiizmirliler & M. A. Maier

8. Cerebral ventricle on the Bezold-Jarisch reflex in spontaneously hypertensive
   J.R.Cisternas, V. E. Valenti, M. A. Sato, F.L.A. Fonseca, P.H. N. Saldiva, 
   & L. C. de Abreu 

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Journal of Integrative Neuroscience

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