[Comp-neuro] European Epilepsy EEG database now available

European Epilepsy Database info at epilepsy-database.eu
Sat Dec 17 13:40:35 CET 2011

Dear colleagues,

It is our pleasure to present the European EEG database to the research 
community, which includes long-term EEG recordings of more than 250 
epilepsy patients.
Additionally, it contains extensive meta-data of clinical and technical 
details of the recordings and the patients. It was compiled by the 
European Union funded project EPILEPSIAE.

Per patient, on average 10 seizures (range 4-94) occurred during the 
recordings which lasted on average one week (range 4 to 21 days). 
Sampling rates of 250-2500 Hz were used. Based on standardized 
annotations, comprehensive information about the recordings, the 
electrodes used, seizure semiology and seizure localization were 

In order to take a more detailed look at the content of the database, 
you are very welcome to visit www.epilepsy-database.eu, where exemplary 
EEG recordings and metadata are available.

The datasets may not only be useful for the fields of seizure detection 
and prediction, but also for general neurophysiology, epileptology, 
computational neuroscience, as well as for teaching purposes.

Due to the substantial workload necessary to maintain the database and 
to provide it to the public, we need to charge a fee for access to the 
datasets. During the initial period, a subset of 30 recordings with 
intracranial electrodes and 30 with surface electrodes will be 

We hope that the database is of considerable benefit for the research 

With best regards,
Andreas Schulze-Bonhage (University Hospital Freiburg, Germany)
and the team of the EPILEPSIAE project

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