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Dear colleagues,

I am pleased to announce publication of a book that may be of interest to

How We Remember: Brain Mechanisms of Episodic Memory

Michael E. Hasselmo

MIT Press, Cambridge, MA (2012)


Description from the publisher:
Episodic memory proves essential for daily function, allowing us to
remember where we parked the car, what time we walked the dog, or what a
friend said earlier. In *How We Remember*, Michael Hasselmo draws on recent
developments in neuroscience to present a new model describing the brain
mechanisms for encoding and remembering such episodes as spatiotemporal
trajectories. He reviews physiological breakthroughs on the regions
implicated in episodic memory, including the discovery of grid cells, the
cellular mechanisms of persistent spiking and resonant frequency, and the
topographic coding of space and time. These discoveries inspire a theory
for understanding the encoding and retrieval of episodic memory not just as
discrete snapshots but as a dynamic replay of spatiotemporal trajectories,
allowing us to “retrace our steps” to recover a memory.

On the behavioral level, Hasselmo emphasizes the capacity to encode and
retrieve spatiotemporal trajectories from personal experience, including
the time and location of individual events. On the biological level, he
focuses on the dynamical properties of neurons and networks in the brain
regions mediating episodic memory, addressing the role of neural
oscillations and the effect of drugs on episodic memory. In the main text
of the book, he presents the model in narrative form, accessible to
scholars and advanced undergraduates in many fields. In the appendix, he
presents the material in a more quantitative style, providing mathematical
descriptions appropriate for advanced undergraduates and graduate students
in neuroscience or engineering.

About the Author:

Michael Hasselmo is Professor of Psychology and Director of the
Computational Neurophysiology Laboratory at Boston University, where he is
also a faculty memory in the Center for Memory and Brain and the Graduate
Program for Neuroscience and principal investigator on grants from the
National Institute of Mental Health and the Office of Naval Research.
Prof. Michael Hasselmo
Center for Memory and Brain, Department of Psychology and Graduate Program
for Neuroscience, Boston University, 2 Cummington St., Boston, MA, 02215,
Tel: (617) 353-1397, e-mail: hasselmo at bu.edu, http://www.bu.edu/hasselmo

Recent book release: Hasselmo (2012) How We Remember: Brain Mechanisms of
Episodic Memory. MIT Press: Cambridge, MA.
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