[Comp-neuro] Five postdoc positions at INRIA in the NeuroMathComp group

Stephen Coombes stephen.coombes at nottingham.ac.uk
Wed Aug 31 19:19:12 CEST 2011

The NeuroMathComp group is part of INRIA and CNRS, two major  
government French Research Institutes. Members of the group are  
actively conducting research in mathematical and computational  
neuroscience. The group is funded through several European grants  
(BrainScales, ERC NerVi, Keops, FACETS-ITN).

In this context we are currently looking for five excellent postdoc  
candidates in four areas:

    1) Neural field models for motion perception (2 positions)
    2) Meanfield methods in neuroscience (1 position)
    3) Solving Partial Differential Equations and variational problems  
with networks of spiking neurons (1 position)
    4) How to interpret the neural code to identify image and video   
categories? (1 position)

To learn more about our research and these postdoc offers go to


and follow the "Job offers" link.

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