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Dear Respected Colleagues,

IGI Global, an information science and technology publisher, would like to share with you a recently published book that may interest you. System and Circuit Design for Biologically-Inspired Intelligent Learning was edited by Dr. Turgay Temel. Below you will find below a press release about the book. I would highly encourage you to also learn more about the book on IGI Global’s website at http://www.igi-global.com/Bookstore/TitleDetails.aspx?TitleId=41883. This reference will be useful to a variety of researchers, academics, and professionals interested in topics such as the following:
·         Biologically-inspired Learning and Intelligent System Modeling
·         Representation of Neuro-information and Knowledge 
·         Recurrent Neural Networks 
·         Self-organizing Fuzzy Neural Network Training 
·         Neuromodeling and Natural Optimization 
·         DCGA Optimization Techniques 
·         Parallel Hardware for Artificial Neural Networks 
·         Neural Network Circuits 
·         Analog Circuit Design with Fuzzy Inference 
·         Implantable Neural Decoders
Feel free to use the press release below in any media outlets you may have to further inform your colleagues and peers about the excellent material contained in this book. You may also want to consider recommending the book to your university library or adding it to your personal collection. If you would like any additional information about this book, you can contact Caitlin Gallagher, Marketing Assistant, at cgallagher at igi-global.com.
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Teaching Robots “Real-Life” Lessons
Hershey, PA – July 7, 2011 – A well-known and yet to develop further scientific example is of bats, which do not see well and are almost blind. As known, bats can fly in darkness without colliding into any obstacle with the help of their amazing hearing system. They can direct their ears all directions for localizing the sound sources and recognizing their prey in mixed environments. With their developed skills in navigating and hunting capabilities, they have been a major inspiration of biologically-inspired systems, particularly robots, which emulate landmark recognition with navigation and classification of echo sources.
Despite significant research and studies in biologically-inspired circuit design, the capability of the biological creatures still excels that of artificially human-made systems inspired in terms of adaptivity, sensitivity, and spectral characteristics.
IGI Global, an international publishing company specializing in high-quality research publications in the fields of computer science and information technology management, recently released System and Circuit Design for Biologically-Inspired Intelligent Learning, edited by Turgay Temel, Ph.D. (Bahcesehir University, Turkey), in order to further advance the field of systems design.
System and Circuit Design for Biologically-Inspired Intelligent Learning aims to bridge that gap in the belief that compact organization and arrangement of the circuit and system design will be a major factor in attaining the pursued benefits of biological systems. Including research from abstract fields such as psychology to more concrete topics including circuit design, this text is designed for even fresh reader to make a smooth transition from principles to system/circuit architectures which simulate learning intelligence.
To read more about System and Circuit Design for Biologically-Inspired Intelligent Learning please visit http://www.igi-global.com/Bookstore/TitleDetails.aspx?TitleId=41883.
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