[Comp-neuro] Brain Inspired Cognitive Architectures (BICA) call for papers

Chris Eliasmith celiasmith at uwaterloo.ca
Mon Apr 18 15:45:15 CEST 2011

We would like to draw your attention to the upcoming conference in 
Washington DC on November 5-6:

BICA 2011: Second International Conference on Biologically Inspired 
Cognitive Architectures (http://bicasociety.org/2011/).

The conference is focused on emergent multidisciplinary topics 
(brain-cognitive-computer science) unified by the challenge of creating 
a real-life computational equivalent of the human mind (details in CFP 
at http://bicasociety.org/2011/bica2011cfp.pdf).

The abstract submission deadline April 21st is almost here, and the 
paper submission deadline May 26 is only a month ahead. It should
be possible to secure a presentation slot if preliminary abstracts
are received in time. Participants of AAAI Fall Symposia are especially 

--BICA 2011 Chairs

P.S. Please send all inquiries to Alexei Samsonovich 
(alexei at bicasymposium.com)

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