[Comp-neuro] Senior C++ Software Developer for Cognitive Neuroscience Simulation System

Randall Charles O'Reilly Randy.OReilly at Colorado.EDU
Tue Sep 14 06:23:57 CEST 2010

Senior C++ Software Developer for Cognitive Neuroscience Simulation System

eCortex, Inc., based in Boulder, Colorado, is seeking an experienced C++ software engineer to be a key contributor to the Emergent neural network simulation environment (http://grey.colorado.edu/emergent). eCortex licenses this technology from the University of Colorado, Boulder, and collaborates closely with its Computational Cognitive Neuroscience laboratory. Emergent has been under development for over 15 years, and is used in the CCN lab and many others across the world to help understand how the brain secretes mind.  It enables psychology experiments on simulated networks of neurons constructed according to neuroscience data, and embodied in virtual robots that interact with virtual environments.  This software plays a central role in several large funded research projects, and the goal of the position is to implement new features as required for these projects, in addition to adding general improvements to the system overall.  An example of one major project of interest is GPU acceleration of the core simulation code.

The ideal candidate will have at least 5 years of experience developing large, complex software systems in C++ or a similar object-oriented language. Knowledge of and concern for high-quality coding standards in the software engineering process is important, as is the ability to work independently. A generalist development skill-set is preferred, as the work will range from GUI to core simulation enhancements. Familiarity with the toolkits used in Emergent is a plus (Qt, Coin3D, ODE).  Experience in neural networks, neuroscience, computer simulation, and/or cognitive psychology is helpful but not required; however, interest in and enthusiasm for this field is essential.

The position is funded through an initial one-year federal government subcontract, with options for an additional 2.5 years. eCortex will be seeking additional sources of support to make this a permanent full-time position. Some advantages of the position include: flexible hours, a casual academic-like work environment, and the opportunity to make important contributions to figuring out one of the greatest mysteries in the universe: the brain.  Salary will be competitive with industry positions and based on experience.  eCortex is committed to equal employment opportunity.

If interested, please email a resume to David.Jilk at e-cortex.com.

- Randy
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