[Comp-neuro] Postdoc in Computational Principles of Natural Vision at Brain and Behavior Discovery Institute, Medical College of Georgia

Zhiyong Yang ZHYANG at mail.mcg.edu
Sun Sep 5 18:11:18 CEST 2010

Postdoctoral Position in Computational Principles of Natural Vision
Brain and Behavior Discovery Institute
Medical College of Georgia, Augusta, GA, USA
 The laboratory of Zhiyong Yang at the Brain and Behavior Discovery Institute atthe Medical College of Georgia (MCG) has an immediate opening for apostdoctoral researcher. The long-term goal of the lab is to develop a statisticalframework of vision and visual system structure and function. To achieve thisgoal, we perform advanced statistical modeling, neuro-imaging, and large-scaleelectrophysiological recording in awake, behaving animals. Current projectsinclude computational principles of natural vision, statistical frameworks of visualsystem structure and function, and visual learning and rehabilitation. Candidateswith Ph.D. degrees in theoretical physics, statistics, and computer science whoare willing to learn neuroscience and candidates with Ph.D. degrees inneurobiology and vision science who are willing to learn computational modelingare encouraged to apply. The ideal candidate will have strong background inseveral of the following areas: statistical physics, computer vision, pattern theory,statistical learning theory, Bayesian decision theory, probabilistic graphicalmodels, artificial intelligence, neurobiology, and vision science. He/she will alsohave strong programming skills and be available to do statistical modeling of verylarge datasets of natural objects and scenes and large sets of neural recordingdata.  The Brain and Behavior Discovery Institute at MCG is an exciting new center forsystems neuroscience, with plans for rapid expansion in the immediate future.MCG has strong research programs in other neuroscientific disciplines, includingmolecular, cellular and developmental neuroscience, and a variety of relatedclinical disciplines. To apply, please send (i) curriculum vitae and (ii) a cover letter describingresearch accomplishments and interests, and have two letters ofrecommendation sent to Zhiyong Yang at the address below, preferably as emailattachments.  MCG is an AA/EEO/Equal Access/ADA Employer. Contact Information: 
Zhiyong Yang, Ph.D.
Brain and Behavior Discovery Institute 
Medical College of Georgia
1120 15th Street, CL-3036
Augusta, GA 30912-4810
Phone: (706) 721-4506
Fax:      (706) 721-3829
Email: zhyang at mail.mcg.edu ( mailto:zhyang at mcg.edu )
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