[Comp-neuro] SFN 3-5 day EEGLAB workshop final notice

Arnaud Delorme arno at cerco.ups-tlse.fr
Tue Oct 5 22:11:27 CEST 2010

EEGLAB developers and advanced users will present a 3-5 day workshop following the Society For Neuroscience conference held in San Diego, CA. The workshop will focus on electrophysiological data analysis concepts and tools available in the EEGLAB electrophysiological data processing environment beginning with a reception Wednesday evening, Nov. 17, 2010 through Monday noon, Nov. 22, 2010. The workshop will be held at the San Diego Supercomputer Center at the University of San Diego, La Jolla, California.

The workshop will consist of two parts. The first (Nov. 18-20) will cover the EEGLAB environment itself. The second (Nov. 20-22) will cover the new EEGLAB compatible toolboxes. Participants can register to the first part, the second part or both parts. To register, go to the website below

Further details for workshop program and accommodation are available on the main workshop web page


Topics will include a basic overview of EEGLAB structure and capabilities and tutorials on new EEGLAB features including the new flexible STUDY scheme design for performing  statistical analyses on raw data and on ICA component clusters, a Measure Projection toolbox for studying the dynamics of collections of localized independent components or other sources in brain space, the IFACT (information flow analysis and connectivity) toolbox for computing transfer of information between brain areas, the NFT (neuroelectromagnetic forward head modeling) toolbox for source localization using subject anatomical MR images and/or measured electrode locations,  the BCILAB toolbox for building online BCI models from available data, and the ERICA (Datariver, Producer, MatRiver, Enactor) toolboxes for real-time coordination of complex interactive multimodal experiments.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the workshop,

Arnaud Delorme, PhD
Tim Mullen, PhD student
Nima Bigdely Shamlo, PhD student
Christian Kothe, MS
Andrey Wankov, MD
Zeynep Akalin, PhD
Julie Onton, PhD
Klaus Gramann, PhD
Tzyy Ping Jung, PhD
Scott Makeig, PhD
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