[Comp-neuro] Biological Cybernetics: vol 103, issue 5 --- Table of Content

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Biological Cybernetics: vol 103, issue 5 --- Table of Content

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Original papers:

"Artificial pheromone for path selection by a foraging swarm of robots"
Alexandre Campo, Álvaro Gutiérrez, Shervin Nouyan, Carlo Pinciroli, 
Valentin Longchamp, Simon Garnier & Marco Dorigo

"Control theoretic interpretation of directional motion preferences in 
optic flow processing interneurons"
Andrew Hyslop, Holger G. Krapp & J. Sean Humbert

"Emergence of network structure due to spike-timing-dependent plasticity 
in recurrent neuronal networks V: self-organization schemes and weight 
Matthieu Gilson, Anthony N. Burkitt, David B. Grayden, Doreen A. Thomas 
& J. Leo van Hemmen

"Extended causal modeling to assess Partial Directed Coherence in 
multiple time series with significant instantaneous interactions"
Luca Faes & Giandomenico Nollo

"Timings and interactions of skilled musicians"
George P. Moore & Jessie Chen

Biological Cybernetics, all issues: 

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