[Comp-neuro] Neural Data Sharing (for Naotaka Fujii)

Dezhe Jin djin at phys.psu.edu
Thu Nov 11 15:35:51 CET 2010

Dear friends

We have finally launched our data sharing service Neurotycho.org today.
Please visit our web site below.

The project was named after Tycho Brahe, who provided massive data to Kepler who
discovered Kepler's law in planetary motion. The project aims providing massive neural
and behavioral data for future Kepler in neuroscience.

Currently we have uploaded two datasets under two task conditions, Sleep task and
Social Competition task. We will upload more data soon. Neural data provided in these
two datasets were recorded from 128 channel ECoG that covered almost entire cortex.
Documentation and annotation are not fully ready yet, since it is still beta version, but you
can start playing with the data in many ways.

For downloading the data, please register your account first. Registration is open to everyone.
We will inform recent update periodically to registered users.

Any kind of feedback will be appreciated. We want to know what you want.

If you are interested in our service, please visit Neurotycho.org. Or if you know someone
who will be interested in our service, please forward this mail.


Sincerely yours

Naotaka Fujii, MD, PhD
Laboratory for Adaptive Intelligence
BTCC Interactive Brain Communication Research Unit
na at brain.riken.jp

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