[Comp-neuro] 4 PhD scholarships available - neural crossmodal interaction robotics

Stefan Wermter wermter at informatik.uni-hamburg.de
Thu May 27 18:43:58 CEST 2010


The International Research Training Group Hamburg/Germany –
Beijing/China (IRTG-CINACS, Internationales Graduiertenkolleg)

Cross-modal Interaction in Natural and Artificial Cognitive Systems

funded by the German Research Foundation (Deutsche
Forschungsgemeinschaft,  DFG), the State of Hamburg, and the Ministry
of Education of the People’s Republic of China, is seeking highly
qualified and motivated candidates for

4 Doctoral Student Positions
at the University of Hamburg
beginning June 1st, 2010, or later

The IRTG-CINACS offers a 3-year doctoral programme based at the
University of Hamburg and at Tsinghua University, Beijing. The
dissertation projects will be carried out at the University of Hamburg.
A part (up to 6 months) of the  studies will be performed at Tsinghua
University. The interdisciplinary programme provides exciting research
opportunities for research on multisensory perception and cross-modal
information processing.

Three of the positions are available at the Department of Informatics
of the  University of Hamburg:
One of them concerns a research project on cognitively plausible 
architectures of language comprehension and language production in a
multi-modal environment. Special emphasis is placed on multimodal
communication and representation for human-computer interaction. The
required qualifications are: comprehensive knowledge of artificial
intelligence, (computational) linguistics or human-computer
interaction, being interested in interdisciplinary research with the
computer scientists, linguists, psychologists and neuro-scientists.

The two other positions at the Department of Informatics focus on
projects in neural network robotics. We are particularly
interested in working towards 1) multimodal integration and 2) sound
localisation within an attractive humanoid robot scenario where
humanoid robots interact with humans based on multimodal
information. The required qualifications are: knowledge of artificial
intelligence, neural networks or robotics and an interest to work in an
interdisciplinary neuroscience, computing and robotics environment.

One position is available at the Department of Psychology of the
University of Hamburg. It concerns multimodal integration in perception
and action. The required qualifications are: comprehensive knowledge
and interests in experimental psychology and cognitive neurosciences.
Programming skills (Matlab / C) are of advantage.

You should have a degree in a relevant discipline (e.g. Computer
Science, Electronic Engineering, Computational Linguistics, Psychology,
Cognitive Sciences or Biology ). A good command of English is
essential. The university intends to increase the number of women
amongst its academic personnel and encourages qualified women to apply.
In compliance with the  Hamburg Equal Opportunity Law, preference will
be given to qualified female applicants.

Applicants should submit a CV, a statement of prior studies and
research experience (with respect to CINACS, particularly the chosen
topic above), a letter of reference and an outline for realizing the
project by e-mail to  cinacs at informatik.uni-hamburg.de .

Further information can be obtained at: http://www.cinacs.org/
Contact: Prof. Dr. Jianwei Zhang, TAMS, Department of Informatics, 
University of Hamburg, 22527 Hamburg, Germany, Tel.: +494042883-2430

Please forward to interested staff/students

best wishes

Stefan Wermter

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